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Being responsible for planning, production and post-production activities, Vesalii has a diverse team that encompasses many skills and specialties.

For production, Vesalii has the following teams:

R&D team: a group of engineers, market researchers, and medical experts that carry on the research of new product ideas and development of prototypes. They are responsible for creating proofs of concepts for new projects to prove them useful and feasible.

Writing team: a group of specialists that write, gather and edit all text content. They are divided into medical writers, technical writers, business writers, and marketing writers.

3D Team: a group of digital artists responsible for creating computer-generated three-dimensional models for anatomy, histology, and other subjects, using special computer software.

Design and UX team: a group of product managers and designers responsible for planning unique, suitable and friendly user experiences (UX), and creating the visual elements of user-interface (UI).

Developers: programmers creating functionality with coding. They’re divided into software developers; responsible for creating applications’ functionality and connect them to multimedia, 3D assets, and 2D designs, and web developers, who create websites and related web-based services.

System engineers a group of system engineers and database specialists responsible for developing digital infrastructures and integrating systems components. They bind separated software, websites, and multimedia into one connected, consistent solution.

Doctors and anatomists oversee production phases, ensure medical standards are met, and approve the final products.

Vesalii is responsible for designing, producing and distributing innovative digital solutions and software specific for healthcare practice and the education of health sciences.

Vesalii uses the latest technology to create software that eliminate the pains of traditional teaching methods, save costs for institutions, and boost education quality.

Vesalii  undertakes R&D activities of new learning methods in educational institutions and new solutions for healthcare practice, as well as supervising the execution process and overall operations.

The products created by Vesalii underwent a phase of research and development that lasted for more than 10 years under GMR group. They were then placed under Vesalii for further development, optimization, and distribution. Vesalii is currently the sole owner of all intellectual rights of medically-related products and services.

Vesalii is a provider of digital solutions. The company creates the basic elements of these solutions, and then combine them to arrive at comprehensive systems. The products developed by Vesalii are compatible with many platforms, such as virtual reality, PC and laptops, tablets, mobiles, and online applications.

Currently, the market for 3D educational software in the medical field is often designed around the student; this is why Vesalii considers educators and institutions their priority. This, however, does not mean students are excluded. Students inevitably included in the education process and have their fair share of Vesalii products.

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